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A Job Guarantee Program

SUMMARY.  All nations will eventually require a Job Guarantee (JG) or Universal Basic Income (UBI) program because of the irreversible loss of jobs resulting from automation and globalization.  An advantage of a JG over a UBI program (besides possible cultural issues) is that the JG improves the stability of prices (ie., reduces inflation/deflation possibilities) by acting as a counter-cyclical automatic stabilizer, ie., JG spending increases automatically as private sector spending decreases, and vice versa.  The JG programs I've seen described range from wasteful to unworkable.  So I've taken a pass at one I believe is better.  Its advantages are:

LOCAL GOVERNMENT (LG) selects and manages the paid work offered.

LG Supervisor (LGS) is an elected Local Government official.
Gives local people influence over local program.

LG Manager (LGM)

LG Participant (LGP)




  1. Another potential benefit of this approach is bringing people back into government (or a greater appreciation of government).  In the old days, we had an inherent appreciation of government when they brought us water lines to replace our wells — sewer lines to replace our outhouses and septic tanks— when they first paved our dirt roads.  Those were major events in our communities, that brought us closer together.  That's been lost in population growth.  Maybe a bottom-up administered approach could bring back some of that closeness — at least those who choose to do local government work would get to know their local government better.

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